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The studio is built inside a XVII Century traditional catalan house inside the Collserola Natural Reserve, just outside Barcelona.

The Studio main recording room with a 9 meters ceiling and the stone and wood elements in it provide a unique sound with a natural reverb, ideal for drums, percusion, strings and piano recordings. All of our rooms are conected to the Control Room

offering a wide range of possibilities for those bands and producers willing to experiment and seek new sonorities.

In addition, the studio has three These can be used for live recording sessions were having a clean and dry sound of each instrument is the main aim. When a break is needed you can relax at our rest room full equiped with TV, table tennis and a nice kitchen...

Next to our house room 1 there's rooms 2 and 3 with longer reverbs and endless recording posibilites in each of this rooms dimensions and characteristics

own these particular buildings of the seventeenth century.

Live 1, Live 2 and Live offers a tight acoustic control on the instrument recording set up at any time during the session.

This combination make the studio a unique place
with many possibilities and creative paths to explore.